tirsdag 23. april 2013

Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba is a light house of inspiration with the same message as the most successful business owners, the most influential people and the greatest leaders: Build the city for the people, not for the infrastructure.

It is questionable if we should be building "green corridors" on an island that is already green and whose area is mostly protected by royal decree. However, as we continue to develop our little society of approximately a hundred souls, it is important to remember that all development should be for the benefit of people, not politics, not infrastructure, not money.

fredag 19. april 2013

Raw milk

We visited the local milk producer and came home with a bucket of raw milk. We find several positive sides to this:
  • Raw milk is a whole food and healthier than the pasturized alternative we get in the stores. 
  • We get to visit our neighbours.
  • We support local produce.
  • The milk does not travel far: It's just a stroll away from our home.
  • It is exciting for the kids to visit the cows.
  • The kids love raw milk, it just tastes so much better!
  • Visiting the farm and pouring milk into bottles is an event for the entire family, which gives the kids a better understanding and respect for where food comes from.
We get to use milk in glass bottles that we wash and recycle ourselves, rather than toxic plastic bottles. Note that the retail milk cartons in the stores are in fact covered by a thin layer of plastic, so you should consider it a very thin plastic bottle so weak it requires the strength of the cardboard not to tear.

So this exercise is not about religiously returning to a pre-industrialized world. It is about health, sustainability, education, neighbourhood and, of course, good taste. Our children will not grow up asking why farmers don't buy milk from the store like everyone else. Instead, they will be asking why they do. (That will be for a future article)

See the Real Milk campaign for more information about drinking raw milk. We are blessed to have a milk producer as one of our neighbours.

torsdag 18. april 2013

Welcome to Haltra Froskur

Haltra Froskur (Limping Frog) is a physical manifistation of our dedication to sustainable self-reliant self-fulfilling living and education thereof. It is a playground for ourselves and our children, where we emphasize learning by doing.